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An Emeriti Retirement Healthcare Savings Plan provides healthcare security for your retirement years.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing you're better prepared for retirement healthcare costs.

The Emeriti Retirement Healthcare Savings Plan lets you take control and ensures you are prepared for the predictable, as well as the unforeseeable costs of medical care in retirement.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How do I get a debit card to use for healthcare purchases?

    You can sign up for an Emeriti Retirement Health Debit Card by calling the Emeriti Service Center at 1-866-EMERITI, Option 2.  A representative will be glad to issue a card to you. It will arrive within 7-10 business days of your request.

  • What expenses are reimbursable?

    Eligible medical expenses are defined under Internal Revenue Code Section 213(d). Please refer to IRS Publication 502 to learn more regarding eligible medical expenses. The following is a list of common reimbursable eligible medical expenses:

    1. Premiums for health insurance coverage, including COBRA and long-term care but excluding coverage for active employees under an employer-sponsored group health plan
    2. Medicare premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance
    3. Out-of‐pocket costs related to durable medical equipment, vision, dental and hearing aids
    4. Out-of-pocket hospital and surgical expenses
    5. Certain out-of‐pocket costs associated with nursing or in‐home healthcare services
    6. You can also refer to this user-friendly list to confirm that your product or service is reimbursable.


    How can I get reimbursed for my claims?

    Please contact Emeriti (CBIZ) at 1-866-363-7484 Option #2 for any claims/reimbursement inquiries


    Why is my account not claims active?

    Your plan sponsor has not yet provided us with a term date or retirement healthcare status. Please reach out to your plan sponsor or we will reach out to plan sponsor to update


    Why was my account forfeited?

    You did not meet the age or years of service requirement as defined by your plan sponsor. Please contact your benefit office if you have additional questions

  • Who is eligible for the Emeriti Reimbursement Benefit?

    A participant who terminates from employment and is vested in their former employer’s Emeriti Retirement Healthcare Savings Plan (the Plan), is eligible for reimbursement of qualified medical expenses (QMEs) incurred after their termination date. Qualified medical expenses incurred by the participant’s spouse or other eligible dependents after the participant’s termination date (or date of death, whichever comes first), may also be reimbursable.

Why is an Emeriti Retirement Healthcare Savings Plan better than other options?

Healthcare can be one of the largest expenses you will face in retirement. And Medicare may not be enough. See why our solution provides major advantages over other options.