The most tax efficient way to manage healthcare expenses in retirement.

Emeriti, a nonprofit consortium, is the leading defined contribution retiree healthcare solution for academic, cultural and public sector organizations, offering customized and sustainable strategies for healthcare security in retirement.

The Emeriti Retirement Health Benefit

Emeriti’s defined contribution plans are available with and without health insurance, utilize customized investment menus, and various forms of trust funds.

The underlying plan structure for all Emeriti plans includes triple tax free health savings and a reimbursement benefit for qualified medical expenses in retirement. A simple savings and reimbursement approach, if selected, could integrate with a health insurance exchange, or help retirees pay for Medicare and health insurance, as well as other qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Alternatively, employers may wish to also provide access to Emeriti’s group health insurance to compliment a current medical plan for existing retirees in a defined benefit arrangement, and ensure that near retirees have access to high quality health plans.

Emeriti health insurance options include Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplement Plans, Medicare Part D prescription drug plans, and a dental plan. The insurance option fully integrates health coverage with the triple tax free health account, which can be used to pay for premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Emeriti also offers a discretionary funding vehicle called the Grantor Trust, which can be used to address workforce management planning including recruitment, retention and retirement incentives, or, for transition funding when converting from a defined benefit to a defined contribution retiree healthcare benefit.

Emeriti delivers end-to-end outsourcing of a sustainable, defined contribution retiree health benefit for plan sponsors, and helps to prepare employees for retirement by providing education and information about Medicare and healthcare in retirement.


Emeriti contracts with three well­‐known industry providers:
      1. TIAA for accumulation recordkeeping, investment management and trust services
      2. CBIZ Savitz, an employee benefits administrator, for benefit disbursement recordkeeping, insurance enrollment, premium collection, automated premium payment services, and qualified medical expenses processing
      3. Aetna nationally (and HealthPartners in Minnesota only) for a customized menu of guaranteed issue, group medical, prescription drug and dental insurance options


It’s time to integrate retiree healthcare into overall retirement planning.

Healthcare is one of the largest expenses retirees may face as they get older, and it can have a significant impact on their savings. Ten years ago, a retiree could live comfortably if their retirement plan replaced 70-80% of their pre-tax income. Today’s retirees need more help to accumulate enough savings not only to replace income, but specifically to help pay for medical expenses.

Retirement plans that focus only on replacing a percentage of income, without also addressing retiree health, put an individual’s health and financial well-being at risk.

Emeriti offers one of the most tax efficient ways for employers to address retiree health.

Income Security + Healthcare Security = Retirement Readiness