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benefits consultants

Emeriti delivers tax-saving retiree healthcare benefits that create better retirement plan outcomes for employees and address key fiscal concerns for your new and prospective clients.

Retiree health as a differentiator

We believe that a key factor in achieving retirement plan success is connecting health and financial well-­being for employees. Consultants have an opportunity to be the first to provide strategies that balance what is best for employers and employees.

Your provider of choice for retiree health

Emeriti  helps employers identify goals and challenges, and design a simplified, easy-to-­understand strategy that integrates retiree health into overall retirement planning.

33% more value from benefit spend

Defined contribution retiree health care approaches offer a powerful triple-­tax advantage that could stretch
benefit dollars up to 33%.*
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Control & predictability

Emeriti’s strategies help clients better manage end-of-career compensation costs, workforce renewal objectives, and address
unfunded defined benefit

Outsourced administration

Emeriti provides seamless, end-to-end administration and ongoing support for your clients and their employees.

Deepen your expertise, give your clients an essential benefit, and grow your practice

Partnering with Emeriti provides a one-stop solution – we’ll manage retiree health and you manage your client relationships.

Emeriti strategies, education, and support

Get the products and support you need to build your practice.

TIAA tools, resources, and investment platform

Get the expertise you need to drive engagement, help your clients optimize their benefit and drive better outcomes.

Aetna group retiree health insurance

Get the expertise you need to drive engagement, help your clients optimize their benefit and drive better outcomes.

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*Based on the results of a hypothetical illustration where $2,000/year was contributed into both a Retiree Health Care Account (RHCA) and a 403(b) plan for 30 years. The assets in both accounts grew at a 6% interest rate each year and this resulted in an after-tax total accumulation amount of $162,419 from the RHCA compared to $108,821 from a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan. This assumes a 33% tax rate. Individual rates will vary.