How Emeriti Plans Are Delivered

How Emeriti Plans Are Delivered

Emeriti and TIAA are working together to help drive better retirement plan outcomes by addressing health & financial well-being.

Emeriti’s defined contribution plans are available with and without health insurance, utilize customized investment menus, and various forms of trust funds, enabling consultants to help employers customize a plan that meets the needs of the employer, employees and retirees.

The underlying plan structure for all Emeriti plans includes triple tax free health savings and a reimbursement benefit for qualified medical expenses in retirement. A simple savings and reimbursement approach, if selected, could integrate with a health insurance exchange, or help retirees pay for Medicare and health insurance, as well as other qualified out-of-pocket medical expenses.

Alternatively, employers may wish to also provide access to Emeriti’s group health insurance to compliment a current medical plan for existing retirees in a defined benefit arrangement, and ensure that near retirees have access to high quality health plans. Emeriti health insurance include multiple Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D prescription drug plans and a dental plan. The insurance option fully integrates health coverage with the triple tax free health account, which can be used to pay for co-pays, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses.


TIAA is also Emeriti’s accumulation record keeper, trust services provider, and investment manager. TIAA is based in New York and has nearly one century of distinguished service to the non-profit community for financial services supporting retirement income security.

CBIZ Savitz

CBIZ Savitz is Emeriti’s disbursement record keeper for Emeriti group insurance administration, including enrollment and billing, and Emeriti medical expense reimbursement processing.  Savitz is a Philadelphia company with more than forty years of experience in full‐service benefits services supporting employees and retirees in organizations nationwide.

Aetna Life Insurance Company, Inc.

Aetna is the national insurance provider for Emeriti. Founded in 1853 in Hartford, CT, Aetna is committed to providing innovative benefits, products and services.


HealthPartners provides insurance for Minnesota institutions and their retirees residing in Minnesota. HealthPartners is an award-winning integrated health care system based in Bloomington, Minn., with a team of 22,500 people dedicated to a mission to improve the health of members, patients and the community.