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2014 Annual Enrollment

Enrollment kits are being mailed to your residence, starting in early November.  You can enroll in Emeriti’s health insurance plan options from Monday, October 28 through Friday, December 20, by calling the Emeriti Service Center at 1-866-EMERITI (1-866-363-7484) and press #1.  Representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

2014 Annual Enrollment

One of the most attractive features of the Emeriti Program is the flexibility to adjust your coverage each year as your health care needs and financial circumstances change. From October 28, 2013 until December 20, 2013, you have an opportunity to switch to any of the health insurance plans offered by Aetna Life Insurance Company through the Emeriti Program.

Please click the links below to learn more about the health insurance plan options:

2014 National Post-65 Health Insurance Options (Medical and Rx)  

2014 Florida Post-65 Health Insurance Options (Medical and Rx)

2014 Maryland Post-65 Health Insurance Options (Medical and Rx)

2014 Dental Plan Summary

2014 Pre-65 Dependents and Retiree Health Insurance Options (Medical and Rx)

The Emeriti Default Option

If you do not wish to make a change to your current coverage, you will be defaulted into the same medical and drug option in which you are currently enrolled.  If you are currently enrolled in the dental plan, you will be re-enrolled in that coverage.  Review the plans and premiums on the personalized rate sheet included in this kit.  If you are happy with the defaults, do nothing unless you want to add dental insurance.

Important Reminders

If your Medicare-eligible spouse is enrolled as your dependent, you must both choose the same post-65 plan options.  (These requirements do not apply if your spouse is enrolled separately in his or her own right.)  Please call the Emeriti Service Center to request information about Emeriti’s pre-65 health insurance plan options for pre-65 dependents.

If you are continuing enrollment in the Emeriti Program, do not sign up for another Part D plan offered by another source.  If you sign up for another Part D plan outside of the Emeriti Program, your Emeriti medical, Rx and dental coverage will all be cancelled.

You cannot select only a medical plan.  You must select a medical plan in conjunction with a drug plan. Alternately, you may select the basic Rx Low Plan as a stand-alone plan.

If you want to change your coverage, try to enroll by early December so that you will receive your insurance cards on a timely basis. If you enroll in a new plan, you will receive a new card.  If you need services early in January before your cards arrive, please call the Emeriti Service Center to obtain your insurance identification numbers.

View campus workshop presentations for:

Emeriti Program Fees

Depending on the terms of your Emeriti Plan, your employer may cover all or some portion of the service fees. Check with your institution’s benefit administrator if you are uncertain.  Please note that you can review your Emeriti Health Account statement online at (Log in with your TIAA-CREF User ID, or use your Emeriti Health Account number to set up online access.)

If your employer does not pay any fees, retired and vested terminated participants will be charged a monthly $5.00 Emeriti fee, a $0.67 TIAA-CREF fee, and a $6.00 Savitz fee, accessed directly from your Emeriti Health Account or pulled from your bank account as part of the monthly ACH draw.  The billing cycle for all fees will occur on a regular monthly basis with each month’s service fees being processed several days prior the end of each month.

Next Steps

If you have any questions as you review the materials in your enrollment kits, please call the Emeriti Service Center at 1-866-EMERITI (1-866-363-7484) and press #1.  Representatives will be happy to answer your questions.  We appreciate that you enrolled in an Emeriti insurance plan in 2013, and we look forward to your continuing participation in 2014.

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Emeriti Retirement Health Solutions
103 Executive Drive, Suite 503
New Windsor, New York 12553

For institutions:
phone, toll-free: (866) 685-6565

For participants:
phone, toll-free:
1-866-EMERITI (1-866-363-7484)
from 8am to 8pm (ET)